The Island of Misfit Toys, established in 2019 is more than just your standard bar cover band. Originally developed as a 70s,80s & 90s cover band, they focused on much of the music that influenced them growing up.  As the band morphed over the years, they began to take on an edgier vibe and put their own flavor into the music to bring a fuller sound that keeps crowds on their feet and leaves them begging for more. The energy and connection on the stage between these talented musicians flows out to the audience and permeates them until they feel they are part of the experience. Their repertoire continues to grow, always adding material to keep it fresh. They’ve expanded from favorite local venues to bigger stages and larger private events.  The Island of Misfit Toys consists of co-founders, Jay Harris on bass, Tom Carraher on vocals, Sarah Konsky on keys and background vocals, Jim Pittacora, formerly of The Crabs, on drums, Dr. John Flaherty and his guitar virtuosity, and  colossal vocal talent, Christina DeCillo.