Jim Pittacora, “Pitt,” is native of Chicago`s Roseland neighborhood and Oak Park. As a kid he always loved listening to the great Rock and Jazz drummers of the 70`s but his parents would not buy him a drum kit. As a result he learned to play drums by beating on sofas. chairs etc..while listening to albums and 8 tracks. At the age of 14 and without his parents knowing, Jim got a job at a Chicago Mob owned Pub so that he could earn money and finally buy a used kit. Jim fell in love with drumming thanks to the influence of John Bohnam, Carl Palmer Joe Morello etc. Jim has played for several local garage/ bar bands for the past 13 years. Molon Labe !!!!!

Pitt is not only a fabulous drummer, but is skilled in catching rogue drumsticks, and shall from now forward be known by his mob nickname “Jimmy Sticks.” But “Pitt” works just fine for those… em…unaffiliated. LOL