Once-upon-an-Oak-Parker Christina, vocalist, has claimed to be the rag doll in the Island of Misfit Toys, but that may just be because she’s always so chill and laid back (if you’re scratching your head over this, google The Island of Misfit Toys and look at the pic of the ACTUAL toys).

She grew up on 70s classics, R&B, gained an appreciation for classical music through her grandparents, and was a teenager in the 80’s, which says it all right there. From the coffee table “stage” with a hairbrush mic, where she sang to the imagined packed arena, to performing on a real stage with actual humans, Christina took every chance she could to sing: in choirs, as the lead in her high school musical, and was classically trained through high school. That training served her well and, meshed with her rock voice, created a National Anthem range. She has sung at major and minor league as well as local games, not to mention a few OPYBS All Star games back in the day. Her classical voice also found her singing in the choir at Ascension Church in Oak Park for 10 years, and currently serves her as a sound healer.

As a yoga teacher, Christina discovered how breathing techniques and physical poses contribute to an increased breath capacity overall, improving performance.

Over the last 20 years she has performed in small local bands. Her own influences include the power houses of Janis Joplin, Susan Tedeschi, Linda Ronstadt, and Joanna Cotten.

Christina was excited to be Invited into the band, even though it was via phone call, rather than Sarah’s wine & dine. It came at a time when she was, quite literally, between gigs. She is over the moon to be in a band full of School of Rock alums, and has also become part of the School of Rock family recently as a vocal coach. She is finally following her dream by making music, combined into teaching and performing, her full time career. Christina is also expanding her musical talents by beginning to learn guitar, which, in truth, makes her truly appreciate the gift she was given in her voice (GUITAR IS HARD, Y’ALL!)

Music is where she is meant to be. It is Home. Christina has discovered how to become one with the music, because it lives in her soul.